Specialist Equine Services

We are a specialised equine clinic with a practical and realistic approach, covering all disciplines of equine activities and specialising in racehorses and their related injuries. We aim to provide the best in veterinary care for horses in the Devon and Somerset area. Normally we will visit your stables or premises, but where specialised equipment or treatments or required we have a well equipped facility at Holcome Rogus, near Wellington, Somerset.

  • James Bosley Dilliway Bosley Walker Equine Vets
  • Anja Walker Dilliway Bosley Walker Equine Vets

Our equine services include:

  • Emergency Work
  • Routine Ambulatory Service
  • Pre-purchase vettings
  • X-rays
  • Tendon Scanning
  • Stud Work (including all aspects of AI)
  • Endoscopy (assessing airways)
  • Gastroscope
  • Dentistry

Use of Restricted Medicines in Horses.

Certain medicines may not be given to horses that are intended for human consumption. If you have been prescribed one of the medicines for any horse, please ensure that you have signed the medication section XI of the horse’s passport, that declares that the horse ‘is not intended for human consumption’. This is a legal requirement for all horses to allow us to continue using these medicines. If you are not prepared to sign that the horse is ‘NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION’, these medicines can never be given to that horse.

Example of drugs in this category: Pain killers: Phenylbutazone, Bute, Danilon Sedations: Sedalin, Vetranaquil, Anaesthetic agents used for surgery.

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As an addition to our standard vaccination service we can offer monthly text message reminders. Please note that it is the responsibility of the owner to check vaccinations are up to date as compter & human error can occur.

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Please be aware that the passport for your animal must be kept up to date & signed NOT for human consumption if any relevant drugs have been administered.

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