Insurance Claims

Insurance claims cause some confusion and so in an attempt to streamline their processing, please read the instructions below and feel free to give us a ring if you need further clarification. Unfortunately we are not set up to process ongoing claims automatically as is the case in most small animal practices these days so we rely on you to monitor your claims.

We are happy to be paid directly by the insurance company but please note that if any claim is unpaid for any reason for a period of more than 60 days after the completion and submission of the initial claim form and invoices by us, we will ask for settlement of the bill by yourself. It is ultimately always the responsibility of the person who requested / authorised the work to pay the account.

Processing insurance claims for your horse.

1. Complete all the details that are relevant to your horse and your personal details.
2. Copy your forms and keep a copy.
3. Send the whole claim back to the practice to be completed by the
veterinary surgeon that has been conducting the work.
4. The vet will add the clinical history, the written report and the
invoices to that date, and post to the insurance company for you,
after keeping a copy.
5. Subsequent invoices and extra claims MUST be sent directly to the
insurance company by you. We are unfortunately not in a position
to send off your invoices automatically.
6. If you want the practice to discuss your claim with insurance
company you need to tell the company to obtain permission for
7. Make it very clear to which party the payment is to be made e.g.
yourself or us.
8. Surcharges are automatically applied after 60 days, and this will be
the responsibility of the client not the insurance company.
9. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are unsure of
anything to do with your claim and we will do our best to help.