Welcome to Dilliway, Bosley & Walker LTD

We are a specialised equine clinic with a practical and realistic approach, covering all disciplines of equine activities and specialising in racehorses and their related injuries. We aim to provide the best in veterinary care for horses in the Devon and Somerset area. Normally we will visit your stables or premises, but where specialised equipment or treatments or required we have a well equipped facility at Holcome Rogus, near Wellington, Somerset.

  • James Bosley DBW Equine Vets
  • Andrew & Anja Walker - Dilliway, Bosley & Walker Equine Vets

Specialist Equine Services

The wide range of services offered include:

  • Emergency Work
  • Routine Ambulatory Service
  • Pre-purchase vettings
  • X-rays
  • Tendon Scanning
  • Stud Work (including all aspects of AI)
  • Endoscopy (assessing airways)
  • Gastroscope
  • Dentistry

Appointment clarification.

We would like your cooperation to assist our efficiency, due to a rapid increase in work we have had to make a few changes and requests. We now have two phone lines for the clinic and a more efficient telephone system in place and manned by two members of staff on most days.
All requests for visits should come to the office number 01823 673 215

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